DsDark Sun Campaign Notes

Available Races;
Human, Dwarf, Mul, Thri-Kreen, Goliath (Half-Giant), Elf, Half-Elf

Available Classes;
All except those with Divine power source, plus Artificer and Swordmage.
Note: Classes with Dark Sun builds should take them. Primal classes need to be heavily rethought before play.

Available Themes;
All those printed in the Dark Sun Campaign Guide

Inherent bonuses will be used

Players may only take feats and powers from a published book that someone will bring with them to the session.

Players start with Versatile Expertise for free.
Players also get their choice of one of the three +2 defence feats for free as well.
Players receive one random Wild Talent

Maximum of one interrupt power per PC at any time.

Players only receive 10gp to buy their starting gear.

Treasure Parcels and Wishists will not be used.

Players start in Tyr after the death of King Kalak. Recently every PC has lost everything they have in a variety of ways. They haven been forced to take menial lauding jobs for a man called Ulruun. He is a fat bald dwarf that rumour has it used to be a gladiator in the arena. Nowadays he makes a living trading for wild animals to sell to the arena.

Players: Jimbo, Colin, P3mby, Ross, John

Ross: Arena Fighter – Gladiator – Mul/Thri-Kreen Defender – Know direction
P3mby: Telekinetic Grasp, Templar, Wizard, Human,
Colin: Ardent – Noble Adept – Half-Elf Leader – Psionic Image,
John: Monk – Wasteland Nomad – Striker, Object Projection
Jimbo: Athasian Minstel, Assassin, Human, Mental Tools

Chronicles of Tyr

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