Chronicles of Tyr

To find the Veiled Alliance

From the Under-City to the Desert

Zarafar’s account

level 4

Adventures in the under city

after retracing our previous visit to the Under-city we fine a trail of grain and follow it. eventually we meet a tribe called the Seaknotts who are in desperate need of food the best chance for supplys is to forage under the noble district. The Red phoenix is reported to be terrorising the noble district and killing any foragers sent from the tribe.

the tribe have a thrykreen captive they are using him to grow crops as a slave.

Meet the blond girl again the one formally being chased named Lai, she expresses concern for Zarafar’s plan to go and fight the Red Phoenix for her former betrothed set out on the same task not to return. She shows affection towards Zarafar.

When we return to the surface we find the streets are unusually quiet.

Karlan owner of shop for collectables or oddities in the trade area

Karlan gives information about a Face in the Stone in the desert it reportedly killed a guard who ventured too close struck down by a bolt of energy from the face

venture into the desert almost freeze during the first night and loose a healing surge we consume 1 days worth of trail rations.

5 surges left

locate a giant salt flat where it is getting increasingly hotter during the day

half a days travel from Tyr we find some tracks in the sand created by a wagon heading to the north when we are heading NW

walk into a web of crystal spiders who are luring in creatures and adventurers to kill them.

Down to 4 surges remaining



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