AC 13
Fort 14
Ref 16
Will 14

STR 12
CON 13
DEX 17
WIS 10
CHA 16


Zarr was formally a debt collector and runner for a wealthy book keeper called Emerson.

His job primarily was to travel across town collecting money owed to Emerson making bets on his behalf with other wealthy individuals. However, often Zarr would put his other skills to use being paid to fix gladiatorial fights by poisoning fighters or giving stimulants to one of the contestants.

Until recently life was good if a little bit on the fringes of legality, his last job doping one of the contestants for a fight left Zarr caught and imprisoned destined to fight in the arena himself as punishment. Luckily he managed to pick the restraints, subdue the guard and escape.

Emerson is nowhere to be found and both Zarr’s wages and the money owed to other gamblers is missing.


Chronicles of Tyr ravenburg